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Give Back to Your Community – Troopers Assisting Troops

Tip: Give Back to Your Community – Troopers Assisting Troops

When Captain Adam Swenson contacted me to participate in this event it did not take long for me to commit. Over 20 guide boats met at the Antique Boat Museum for this event. Despite major winds, blistering rain showers and massive waves, everyone managed to get a fantastic fishing trip in. We met back in the afternoon to cook a traditional shore dinner for all the anglers. It was truly a wonderful event. Lots of fish, lots of laughs, and even a few tears punctuated the day. “Thank You” to all of our military. God Bless America.

  • Support our Troops
  • Know where to go… when the winds blow
  • Keep your faith… find the fish
  • Get your bait on the bottom
  • Use the right line… monofilament

  • Don’t muscle em… play the fish
  • Adjust your drag properly
  • Don’t forget the scales… they make for great fishing tails
  • Camaraderie first… fish second
  • Give back to your community

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