Captain Rich Wins Some Cash – FLW Tournament Fishing

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When Captain Rich got a call from his old high school buddy, Mark Frickman things began to change. He was all fired up for some FLW bass tournaments that were coming to Clayton, NY. As always I was all ears and the next thing you know we’re practicing and fishing tournaments like crazy. It is a blast and my youngest son Capt. PJ Clarke has also got the tournament bug. Lots of fun, lots of learning and a whole new bunch of friends to share life with.

  • Watch your step
  • Get great sponsors
  • Include your family… teach em young
  • Be a good sport
  • Share the wealth
  • Thank your sponsors
  • Love your wife, friends and family
  • Share your knowledge… be a good teacher
  • Be a good dancer
  • Enjoy the moment… appreciate the good times
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