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Walleye Pike

Sign Man Charters has the expertise and equipment to put you on some of the finest Walleye Pike fishing in the world.  Prime time for Walleye … July through September.

These wary fish are known for their elusive habits as well as their fantastic flavor.  They are long distance swimmers and it is not uncommon for them to travel more than 15 miles in a single night to find their preferred water temperature or food source.  Another outstanding characteristic of the walleye is their eyes.  They are very large and highly developed to help the Walleye see effectively in low visibility situations. 

Rough water, stained water and deep dark water over 80′ deep are favored conditions for walleyes to hunt.  In addition to their sensitive eyes Walleyes also use their lateral line, keen sense of smell, razor sharp teeth and thousands of taste buds located in their lips to locate and ambush their prey.  After their feeding window, it is common for walleyes to suspend or lay on the bottom in a neutral pattern until they digest their meal.

It is no wonder these elusive hunters have earned the reputation for being one of the most difficult fish to catch.  Casting, jigging and trolling are proven methods for Walleye action.

1000 Islands Walleye Pike are very hearty. It is common to boat fish in the 6 to 12 lb. class.  They are also a schooling fish.  When you do locate them in a feeding pattern you will normally be in for fantastic multiple fish action.

For a true test of angling skill, come fish with me, Capt. Rich Clarke, and try for Walleye!

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