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Bullheads Bite – That’s a Good Thing!

It sounds like a scary fish but as the locals know they are a welcome site. Catching a batch of bullheads stimulates childhood memories that spring really has sprung. Bullheads are active both day and night and are great fun for the whole family. April and May are the best time for catching and eating Bullheads. Cold water insures their flesh will be firm and tasty.

Fish when the water is muddy and turbulent. During a heavy wind or a warm Spring rain is usually a window of opportunity to fill your bucket. Worms, leeches and corn fished right on the bottom will get you plenty of action. Fish muddy bottoms of creeks and bays that flow into the river, The water warms here first and the fish get active in the warmer water.

One word of caution: these fish have sharp spines on their front side fins and their front top fin. They can pierce flesh so be careful to slide your grip up behind the side fins with your palm on the belly. This will force those fins out to the side in a safe position.