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Time for Ice Out Perch

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Time to get those poles out and head down to the rivers edge.  The first couple of weeks that ice chunks flow can be fantastic Jack Perch fishing.  Drop a live minnow or worm down a couple of feet from bottom and it won’t take long to start catching those perch that are migrating to there spawning areas.  If you prefer artificial try small jigs or jigging spoons tipped with Gulp grubs.

As the sun get higher and the days get warmer follow those Jacks right up into their spawning grounds,  Shallow bays and small tributaries that flow into the river.  It is a good idea to use a bobber to keep your bait suspended above the bottom.

Please be a sport and release any preseason game fish that might accidentally bite on your hook. Our fish are not stocked so it is up to us to protect our beautiful fishery.

There is nothing better than fresh Perch fillets out of ice cold water.  Yum, Yum, Yum!

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Bullheads Bite – That’s a Good Thing!

It sounds like a scary fish but as the locals know they are a welcome site. Catching a batch of bullheads stimulates childhood memories that spring really has sprung. Bullheads are active both day and night and are great fun for the whole family. April and May are the best time for catching and eating Bullheads. Cold water insures their flesh will be firm and tasty.

Fish when the water is muddy and turbulent. During a heavy wind or a warm Spring rain is usually a window of opportunity to fill your bucket. Worms, leeches and corn fished right on the bottom will get you plenty of action. Fish muddy bottoms of creeks and bays that flow into the river, The water warms here first and the fish get active in the warmer water.

One word of caution: these fish have sharp spines on their front side fins and their front top fin. They can pierce flesh so be careful to slide your grip up behind the side fins with your palm on the belly. This will force those fins out to the side in a safe position.

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First Ship of the 2014 Season

GET READY TO GO BOATING – After a brutal winter that lasted five plus months, The Seaway’s 56th navigation season is official. 

The newly built “Algoma Equinox” was the first ship to safely navigate through Lock 3 of the Welland Canal on Friday, March 28th.  On Monday, March 31, Bobby Cantwell facebooked a ship that passing by his house at 5:45pm. 

The weather is warming, the sun is higher in the sky,  and “THE RIVER” is flowing.  Get pumped and get those boats ready for that moment we’ve all been waiting for.  Lets have a great boating season.  See you on “THE RIVER” soon.



Newly Constructed “Algoma Equinox”
passes through locks 2014

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St. Lawrence Water Levels

The water level should be substantially higher this year due to heavy ice on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River. 

When the heavier than normal snow pack on Tug Hill and west of “The River” melt we will be in for major run off and very high water levels. 

Don’t expect ice out until mid to late April.  Be careful… with high water comes tons of floating debris that can be damaging to your boat.

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